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Conflict Resolution

In preschool, or at home, conflict happens daily. Learn respectful and effective ways of guiding your child through the problem-solving process.

Presented by Patty Wipfler and Judy Accardi, Director of Play Mountain Place | 59 minutes

Understanding Sharing

Sometimes, getting children to take turns can make you feel like a police officer instead of a parent. This podcast teaches you to help your child get back in touch with her natural generosity.

Presented by Patty Wipfler and Alaiya Aguilar | 75 minutes

Helping Your Child with Learning and Homework

Children are natural learners, but homework can stress and challenge many children. Learn how to avoid homework battles and discover strategies to overcome learning issues.

Presented by Megan Edwards and Usha Sangam | 63 minutes

Setting Limits Around Screen Time

Television, computers, and video games seem to have taken over our lives and the lives of our children. Whether the children are six or sixteen, parents are finding it increasingly hard to manage screen time. Learn effective ways to set healthy limits around screen time.

Presented by Megan Edwards, Kirsten Nottleson and Usha Sangam | 81 minutes

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